This series/build focuses on Mechatronics Engineering which is comprised of multiple Engineering disciplines. The ultimate goal of this series is to build a robot by integrating all 5 modules/boxes. A box is sent every month and the content builds upon itself. Each box will cover topics like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, programming, etc. Included in each box are all materials needed for the build/labs/activities within each module, and, of course, exclusive Tinker the Robot hybrid curriculum graphic novel to guide your child through the learnings and Tinker's adventure. In addition, you will receive access to our parent resource guide to help you navigate these subjects with your child.


The 5th module will be a culmination of all modules where your child will build a robot by utilizing everything they have received and learned in the previous modules.


Box Info:

- For Ages 8 and up

- Designed to be a family/group activity

- NGSS (Next Generation Science Standard) Compliant


Each Box Includes:

  • All materials to complete the activities in a specified engineering discipline
  • Lab Notebook
    • Exclusive Tinker the Robot hybrid curriculum graphic novel
    • 40+ pages of content! Includes: Adventure with Tinker & Sputnik, meet historical figures relevant to the topic, build instructions, experiments, challenges, career quiz, & teaches problem solving using the scientific method


Learn about:

  • Hands-on build
  • Engineering
    • Box 1: Electronic Engineering
    • Box 2: Programming
    • Box 3: Mechanical Engineering
    • Box 4: Sensors & Motors
    • Box 5: System Engineering - AKA assemble and build a robot!!!
  • Problem solving using the scientific method

Option 2: Robot Build Series


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