Each month students will receive a box focusing on one branch of engineering. They will explore that career with builds, a Challenge,  conversations with real engineers, and community collaboration!


The workshop includes the following:

  • All the supplies for over 40+ projects mailed to your door
  • A new Graphic Novel Lab Notebook and box each month
  • Video Tutorials for all projects
  • Virtual Classes & Office Hours
  • Invite to Exclusive Tinker Events & Challenges
  • Parent Resource Guide to help you navigate these subjects with your child
  • Access to Community Collaboration group


Learn about:

  • Hands-on build
  • Engineering
    • Box 1: Electronic Engineering
    • Box 2: Programming
    • Box 3: Sensors
    • Box 4: Motors
    • Box 5: System Engineering - AKA assemble and build a robot!!!
    • Box 5: Entrepreneurship
  • Problem solving using the scientific method


Series General  Info:

- For Ages 8 and up

- Designed to be a family/group activity

- NGSS (Next Generation Science Standard) Compliant


    Robot Build Series

    • Purchases outside the US will be mailed all at once instead of as a monthly subscription package.