This is the ultimate option where you will get it all!

The catapult kit ships immediately and the Robot Build Series will follow in March. And just because we know you're super excited and want to have more fun, we'll throw in a Tinker the Robot Swag Pack!!! Inside the Swag Pack you will find light up Tinker the Robot and Sputnik pins (Sputnik pin is exclusive to the Swag Pack), plus an assortment of stickers that your kids can decorate themselves!


Not familiar with The Catapult or Robot Series? Check out these links:

- The Catapult

- Robot Build Series


Box Info:

- For Ages 8 and up

- Designed to be a family/group activity

- NGSS  (Next Generation Science Standard) Compliant


Box Includes:

  • All materials needed for the build, lessons and challenges!
  • Lab Notebook
    • Exclusive Tinker the Robot hybrid curriculum graphic novel
    • 40+ pages of content! Includes: build instructions, experiments, challenges, career quiz, & teaches problem solving using the scientific method


Learn about:

  • Hands on build
  • Box #1: The Catapult
    • Physics
      • angles
      • trajectory
      • spring force
  • Box #2-6: Robot Build Series
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Programming
    • Sensors
    • Motors
    • Robot Build
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Problem solving using the scientific method

I Want It All!