In every kit, you will receive a lab notebook (it's really a graphic novel), all materials needed to complete all activities in the notebook, and full access to our supplemental online resources. This catapult build is NGSS compliant and focuses on physics where your child will learn about angles, force and trajectory from Sir Isaac Newton, and they will showcase their learning by completing challenges.


Box Info:

- For Ages 8 and up

- Designed to be a family/group activity

- NGSS  (Next Generation Science Standard) Compliant


Box Includes:

  • Catapult 
  • Lab Notebook
    • Exclusive Tinker the Robot hybrid curriculum graphic novel
    • 40+ pages of content! Includes: build instructions, experiments, challenges, career quiz, & teaches problem solving using the scientific method


Learn about:

  • Hands on build
  • Physics
    • Kinetic & Potential Energy
    • Angles
    • Springs
    • Trajectory
  • Problem solving using the scientific method

The Catapult!!!