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Join Tinker and Sputnik on a time traveling adventure! You'll meet Newton and learn about his three laws, angles, springs and trajectory. With Newton, Tinker and Sputnik, you'll build a catapult and conduct 3 experiments exploring the physics of a catapult. Then use your new found physics skills to get Tinker and Sputnik home! 


*This version is just the catapult and does NOT include the Community Event.


Box Info - 

- For Ages 8 to 14

- Made for 1 to 4 Tinkerers

- NGSS Compliant


Box Includes - 

- Catapult

- Lab Notebook (40+ pages of experiments and challenges)


Learn about -

- Physics

- Kinetic & Potential Energy

- Angles

- Springs

- Trajectory

Design Challenge: Catapult!!! - Just the Kit